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Feem Fans

Francine Smeers-Goorts, Diepenbeek

I’m so pleased of Feem because everything I clean with it, becomes perfectly clean. This always gives a good feeling after cleaning. I haven’t had this with any other cleaning product. I use Feem for the kitchen cupboards, doors, everything in plastic, grease stains on textile and even the toys of my grandchild. And of course, you can also clean the cat flap so it always is spic-and-span.

Except for the fact that it can clean every single thing, the product is biodegradable. It smells fresh and doesn’t have a heavy perfume smell.

I have worked as a cleaning lady for several years and I had to use the products that were available there, I’ve really missed Feem at those moments.

Ingrid Verelst, Berchem

Years ago, I stumbled upon Feem by chance during my shopping trip. Curiously thinking ‘this is the umpteenth product that promises these things, it will just fizzle out’. I bought a small canister.

Ever since I use Feem for EVERYTHING: garden seats, kitchen, bathroom, window frames, doors, car (inside, outside, rims), bike, sport shoes, deep fryer and so on. Really, too many uses to sum up. It really cleans everything without leaving stripes, even better than promised in the advertisement.

Feem is a real must-have at home, every product for everything and more can go into the trash can! It offers so many advantages that you won’t need any other cleaning products.

I use Feem pure as well as diluted. Finally a product that doesn’t sell lies to the client and does what the manual/advertisement says. Just one call and it will be delivered in no time. I really recommend it to everyone!

André De Greef, Strombeek-Bever

Feem really is a miracle product! Years ago, Feem was on the television and we thought ‘see it to believe it’. But the product is as efficient as people say, it’s a fantastic cleaning product. It’s good for the environment and it does exactly what it should do. It removes all the grease, the stains on inner doors, stains, … Let the product do its job for 2 to 3 minutes and you can really get everything clean.

I use it for a whole lot of diferent things: stains on white clothing (let it absorb for a minute and put it in the washer), clean everything in the kitchen, the doors, cupboards inside and out, the kitchen and bathroom floor.

Feem’s big advantage is that you only need a small amount and you don’t have to get other cleaning products at home. It’s only recommended to buy a descaling product, but Feem actually is everything you need for all the rest.

André’s tip: buy a 5 litre canister Feem, then you will have a cleaning product for the whole year.

Murielle Brynart-De Bolle, Zellik

We are very pleased about Feem because it does what the product promises. You can use it on all surfaces, in every room at your house! Feem isn’t only good, but also practical, 1 product for everything! We use it in the bathroom, kitchen, floor, toilet, deep fryer, oven, the car, the motor, …

The big advantage is that you get your money’s worth and it’s available in different quantities. As a tip, I would just say: ‘buy!’

Nadine Schelkens, Oostende

I got to know this product when I worked in a chip shop 21 to 22 years ago. Feem actually cleans everything. It dissolves the grease as well as removing the nicotine like a pint of a penny. Furthermore, you can use the product for all purposes. For example for cleaning the damper but also the deep fryer. Cleaning windows, floors, washer, … say it and you can use it to clean it. If you’ve got Feem at home, you only have to use one product. Nadine’s tip: ‘Use Feem because it makes your household a lot more enjoyable.’